Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Update

As the team neared Remba, the Lord caused the winds to increase and the waters to become restless. Clouds covered the sun and the temperature became significantly cooler. We feared a storm was coming.

The Lord; however, had another plan - a plan we were not aware of. How often, in our lives, is this the case. Our plans are insignificant and worthless when measured against those of God.

Arriving at Remba we encountered much difficulty landing and unloading our boats due to the rocky terrain and the many boats already on the beach. Finally, we were all on land and the chairman of the beach led us to the site where we would be serving.

The site was an open area with no shelter. A large tent was set up for the doctors. The pharmacy was located in the rear of a small African church. Triage was set up outside the front door of the church with registration located 50' feet or so away.

The foot washing/shoe distribution ministry was to have been inside the primary school. The conditions inside the school were so bad that a decision was made to do this ministry outside the church.

So, we had more than half of our team doing their work outside. Here is where we see the marvelous wisdom of God in action. He provided cloud cover the entire day with a gentle breeze providing additional comfort. Without this blessing we would have been "cooked" and it would have been more difficult to fulfill our mission.

Remba is populated with people from the Suba and Luo tribes, Ethiopians and others. There is a significant Muslim presence on the island.

The island is a rock, rocks and dust abound. There are no trees. It is easily one of the worst places for human habitation that I have ever been. We were all covered with dirt and grime to the point of nastiness when our day ended. We labored 8 hours in this place!

The medical team treated 231 people on Remba; the majority of the cases were malaria and typhoid related with many seeking treatment for STDs.

The eye team saw 55 individuals and performed 11 cataract surgeries. One of the cases was very difficult and will be followed today.

The dental team helped 35 patients and did 33 extractions. In all, God enabled these teams to treat 321 patients on this day.

Over 150 students received shoes and were presented the Gospel. Several Muslim students accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

One 9 year old Muslim boy wanted to accept Christ but did not do so, even after counseling by a team member. He said his family would disown him if he took this step. We are praying he will eventually become a Christ follower and lead his family to a saving knowledge of Him.

Another young boy expressed how thankful he was for the shoes and commented that his parents had never provided him a pair of shoes.

40 decisions were made to accept Christ as a result of evangelistic outreach around the medical camp on Remba.

Another 40 came to Christ as a result of open air preaching on the beach by Naphtaly Mattah and John Owitti.

At the primary school, 27 children came to a saving knowledge of Christ. With thanksgiving we praise God for the addition of another 107 souls to the kingdom today.

This morning the medical and primary school teams are travelling across the lake to the village of Ragwe, on the mainland.

Two members the medical team are surgeons and are operating on patients this morning. After their work is finished they will join us at Ragwe.

The construction team is working at the Guest House today.

Pray for us without ceasing, under girding our work. Clearly the Spirit of God is moving through the ministry of this team, the people serving us and those we continue to encounter.

Vince Eaton

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