Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday Morning

The GO Kenya team saw 7 of its members depart Saturday morning. At the same time we welcomed another 13 teammates from Calvary and 10 from New Colony Baptist Church in Massachusetts.

The Calvary and New Colony teams moved from the airstrip to the Guest House to await the arrival of the medical team.

God's provision:
The new team had hardly been on site for an hour when a young year old boy and his mother arrived seeking medical help. Tyrese had been burned when he fell into a pot of boiling water.

He was burned slightly on his chest and one arm. The other arm; however, had been badly burned to the extent that skin from mid-bicep to wrist had come off.

The mother had taken Tyrese to the local clinic where he was given an injection and the burns wrapped in gauze.

In God's providence, our medical team was there. They treated the youngster and a decision was soon made to immediately transport Tyrese to a hospital in Homa Bay.

A local pastor accompanied Tyrese and his mother across the lake to Mbita and on to Homa Bay. He was admitted and seen by doctors within 20 minutes of arrival. Doctors expect him to remain at the hospital for 10-14 days.

We praise God for placing our medical team precisely where He wanted them to meet the needs of Tyrese.

Please pray with our team as we ask our Heavenly Father to provide complete healing.

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