Thursday, July 22, 2010


Travel on Mfangano and surrounding islands is by boat or foot; there are motorcycles on Mfangano, some of which serve as taxis for those willing to pay for the service.

The region is blessed with many birds, one of which is the magnificent fish eagle (similar to the American bald eagle.

While boating to Ouza I observed a fish eagle just above the surface of the water with his powerful wings moving just enough to help him from submerging in the waters.

As I continued watching, I realized I was witnessing a life and death struggle between the mighty fish eagle and a Nile perch. The eagle had swooped from the air in an attempt to snatch the fish from the waters.

The fish could be seen circling around as it struggled against the eagles clutches. As it continued to swim, the eagle continued to struggle to bring the fish out of the water.

Unfortunately we moved too far to see the eagle so I do not know who "won" this struggle. As we go through life, struggling against the evil one's schemes and attempts to separate us from God, we know our hope and salvation is in Christ Jesus.

That is the Mission of this GO Kenya team, to spread the name of Jesus so that they can escape the grasp of the evil one and move into a life saving and everlasting relationship with Christ.

After three days of ministry the primary school team has seen almost 300 students accept Christ in six schools. The team reported that every student at Ugena Primary School acknowledged that they were already following Him.

The construction team will complete its third widow's hut today. The huts are provided at no charge to widow's (usually with grandchildren) who have been living in conditions you and I cannot imagine. This team has been greatly blessed by the thanksgiving and gratitude expressed by the recipient of the hut.

The medical team is split into three separate teams; eye care, dental and medical. Only the medical travels, leaving eye and dental doctors In the same location.

The dental team has treated 117 patients through three days with many, many extractions being done. Much relief has been given to these hurting people through this ministry.

The eye team has treated 306 people, performing cataract surgeries on 49 of them, restoring vision to them in the process.

The medical team has visited three locations thus far, seeing a total of 528 people. Suba pastors have preached to people waiting to see the doctors and in nearby villages with many accepting Christ as their Savior.
The Community Health Team continues efforts to accumulate health related data in several locations on Mfangano. The objective is to define clearly how people can better care for themselves and their families.

Ministry continues today (Thursday) as we travel to Remba Island. The medical and primary school teams will serve together. Foot washing and shoe distribution will be provided for some 200 students. Secondary school students from GGCC are accompanying us to the island.

As I write this, we are in a crowded boat moving ever closer the work the Lord has called us to this day. It is a glorious day! As we departed from our Guest House camp the waters were restless and the wind strong. The Lord has calmed the wind and stilled the waters and given us bright sunshine. Praise His Name, for He is good.

Pray for the Calvary, Tenwek and New Colony teams as we continue working for the glory of God in this place. Three boats, 115 people, have been mobilized for the King's Army and are on the way to assault Remba in the name of the Lord.

Vince Eaton

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