Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update from Nairobi

The team members who remained on Mfangano after our colleagues departed with the medical team attended Sunday services at Kitawi on the south side of the island. African worship services are full of singing and praising God.

There is something about children singing in Suba, Swahili or any other African language that warms and encourages my heart. The singing, dancing, prayer and teaching/preaching always bless us greatly when we come to this place.

Monday was our final day of work. The construction team continued its work on the first cottage beside the guest house. At days end, the support posts and beams were complete with the structure ready for the roof to be added.

Bill and I scrounged enough wood scraps from the dock construction to make new seats for the equipment at the GGCC playground. One seesaw, one set of swings and the merry-go-round had been out of service for some time because of broken seats or broken supports.

During the day 2 men from the local technical school came to weld the swing and seesaw supports. GGCC fundi (maintenance men) assisted with the work. At days end the work was complete and playground equipment was ready for the children.

We received bad news from two fronts on Monday; the Gracia House in Nairobi advised that our reservations for Tuesday night were cancelled. It seems that another group that had been staying there for 4 days had their outgoing flight cancelled. Gracia House let them stay one more night in our rooms.

MAF let us know that we would only be able to load 1900 pounds on the outgoing flight from Mfangano, down from the usual 2200.

We obtained scales from the Sena Clinic to determine exactly what our updated body weights were, after our days and weeks on the island. Our total weight was 1913 pounds. With this unexpected change we would not be able to take everyone on the plane, nor take any baggage with us.

Problem? Our great God already had the resolutions ready and worked through his servants in Nairobi and on Mfangano Island to implement them.

Calvary's GO Kenya teams have used David Njau for years to handle transportation and other travel related issued in Nairobi and Kenya. He is a man of God and is clearly God's man for us in Kenya. It did not take David very long to report back that he had arranged housing for us. Turns out it is better than the Gracia House in some respects.

Naphtaly Mattah contacted MAF on our behalf and pleaded with them to allow 2200 pounds on the plane. Thankfully, they agreed! We were able to load everything except 3 trunks and we were able to depart without difficulty.

The trunks were taken by boat to Mbita and shipped via bus to Nairobi. They arrived at the hotel this morning at 6:15. Once again God displayed His faithfulness in our lives, as he has done so often throughout our time in Kenya.

Goodbyes were difficult as we realized it was time to leave the ones who had served us. Many prepared our food, cleaned the Guest House, washed our clothes (ironed them sometimes) and saw to our every need. Others carried our supplies to and from boats and transported us all over the region in the boats. All served gladly and with great joy in their hearts. We all give thanksgiving to God for each one of them.

By mid-Tuesday team members joined us, arriving by van from Tenwek. We spent the afternoon shopping and enjoyed an Italian dinner at a local restaurant. Calvary supported missionaries Tim and Bonnie Cook joined us for dinner. It was good to see and spend time with them again.

This morning (Wednesday) some of the team has gone to the game park. The rest of us will soon depart for a day of shopping. The others will join us at noon. We depart for London at 11:45 pm tonight. Please pray for safety as we embark on this long journey.

Looking back, we estimate we came into contact with over 5000 people while completing our 3 week mission. We depart trusting God to bless them and provide healing, comfort and encouragement.

We are thankful for your financial support and also for your prayers that sustained us.

Vince Eaton

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