Monday, July 12, 2010


Sunday was a wonderful day. We saw our team divide and go into two directions. One team went back to Ringiti and the other to Gethsemane Garden Children' Center.

The Ringiti team led in worship and saw five new brothers and sisters accept Jesus as Savior. Praise the Lord!

At the end of the service, guests introduce themselves. One man stood and proudly shared his name then with a smile said, "I received Jesus as my Savior today."

The Ringiti team then traveled by boat of course to another part of the island to minister to a widow whose husband has been a major translator of the Suba translation. He went to be with the Lord about a year ago. What a sweet visit as the family was encouraged by the Word, prayers and a financial contribution by Calvary Church.

The GGCC team celebrated worst at the Children's Center. Spirited worship has taken on a new meaning as almost 500 children celebrated our Savior's live and grace.

The GGCC team remained the afternoon playing games and celebrating the love of Jesus.

Praise the Lord for a wonderful day!

All remain healthy. We are thankful. We have been in extremely unclean areas. We realize that only by God's grace and your prayers are we healthy.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership.

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