Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Evening

After crossing the lake to Ragwe we climbed up a hill, passing a huge kiln where bricks were made. The bricks were stacked 10-12 feet high and completely covered with mud. The entire structure radiated heat as the bricks cooled in the warm Kenyan winter.

As we approached the place we would be working we realized quickly that God had provided an ideal location for our work. The primary school was separate from the unfinished building the medical team would use.

The entire medical team from registration through the pharmacy was contained in an area the size of Calvary's Chapel.

Communication was easier as was crowd control. An additional benefit was that triage, doctors and pharmacy were all set up in separate rooms that enabled each to work efficiently in an uncrowded environment.

Additionally God provided slightly overcast skied and a gentle breeze. We were all blessed to be in this place this day.

The medical team treated a total of 260 patients at Ragwe. Included was a child with a bean in her ear that even the surgeons could not remove. The bean went in dry a month ago and had enlarged and filled the ear canal. Pray that God will provide resolution to this case in coming days.

The primary school team presented their program in an environment that was quite satisfactory for the program they were conducting. First they presented to 250 smaller students and then to 100 or so larger kids after lunch.

The construction team began construction of the first of five Kenyan style cottages that will be suitable for couples and/or smaller groups. This will provide accommodations for groups that are not large enough to use the Guest House. Construction will continue Saturday and Monday.

The dental team treated 50 patients and extracted teeth from them all. The last 3 extractions were done after dark in the dining hall at the Guest House. We had brought these cases with us when we returned from Ragwe.

The eye team treated 52 patients and performed 2 cataract surgeries outside the guest house in the dining hall. I was privileged to observe the operation close hand and was able to photograph parts of the procedure.

I was both humbled and blessed by the experience as I watched a skilled surgeon remove the cataract, clean up residual material in the surgical area and then insert a new lens.

Who could ever believe the design and complexity of the human eye "just happened" through evolution. We know our Great God created us in His image. To be able to observe such a procedure in a fairly primitive environment was simply amazing.

The medical teams combined to treat 362 patients today!

Evangelistic outreach around the medical team saw 34 souls profess faith in Jesus Christ!! At the primary school, many, many children accepted Christ.

The Community Health team received more surveys from their workers than expected. Follow up is planned for one month, three months and six months.

Malaria is a leading cause of infant death in this region. The team was provided with Provectors to be placed in homes across Mfangano Island.

The device is constructed like a flower with insecticide in the middle of the flower. Mosquitos are attracted to the flower and to the insecticide, they partake and immediately die.

Initial reports from several families indicate a significant absence of mosquitos in their homes. This could be a huge step in reducing malaria related deaths in the region. Evaluation continues over the next three months. Provectors have also been placed in all GGCC dormitories and in the Guest House.

Saturday morning saw the Tenwek teams, the New Colony team and part of Calvary team #2 depart Mfangano for Mbita where they loaded in vans and a bus to travel to Tenwek. The Calvary team members are scheduled to join the rest of the team in Nairobi next Tuesday afternoon.

Twelve of us remain at the Guest House. Our mission has essentially ended although cottage construction and a few service projects at GGCC remain. We will worship tomorrow at local Suba churches.

We are all thankful for your faithful prayer support. Much has been accomplished for the Kingdom. God has blessed us greatly as we have worked with joy and love with our Suba brothers and sisters, and teammates we did not know until we came together at this special place.

Summarizing this marvelous week of ministry:
> The medical teams treated 1665 patients.
> The primary school team presented its program to an estimated 1300 students.
> The construction team constructed 5 widow's huts and began work on the first guest cottage.
> The Community Health team began work that targets living conditions among the Subas. Specific recommendations that will have a life saving impact will follow when all data is received and analyzed.
> Approximately 700 people professed faith in Jesus Christ and committed their lives to Him this week! The decisions were a result of evangelistic outreach around the medical camps and in the primary schools. Pray for these new believers as they begin their Christian walk in a place where superstition, witchcraft and tribal customs run contrary to scripture.

Add these totals to the first week's service:
  • 100's of children received a new pair of shoes on freshly washed feet with the Gospel presented.
  • 1000's of children heard the Gospel presented at school programs including our friends at GGCC.
  • A total of 8 widow's huts were constructed with a dedication of these huts to the Lord.
  • 50 pastors were trained in the Doctrine of Salvation and Discipleship.
  • HIV education was shared with students and adults where HIV infection runs almost 40%.
  • Over 1600 received medical care with the Gospel.
  • Worship services began again on Rangiti Island.
  • Approximately 800 persons accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
These are not our final results. Results will be measured by future generations and into eternity. To God be the Glory!

Please continue praying:
> Calvary teammates driving 4 hours from Bomet to Nairobi Tuesday
> The rest of the Calvary team who depart Mfangano by air Tuesday
> The Tenwek teams as they resume their ministry to this region.
> The New Colony team as they return home to Massachusetts next Friday.

Thank you for your partnership through your faithful prayers! You are the most vital link to our service! More reports and photos to follow. Keep checking in on us as our team returns home!

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