Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We began our ministries today that we will sustain for the week.

The first team visited two schools playing games, teaching about HIV prevention and sharing Christ.

It is amazing how many children have HIV. Young children. Some have been infected since birth, others through medical care and some by sexual activity. Our message is Jesus. A relationship with Christ and living by His Word is the best HIV preventative. We also discussed forgiveness and securing your eternity through Jesus.

The construction team began another widow's hut today. They completed the framing today and should complete the house tomorrow. These widows, many young, live in small two room dirt floor, mud side, thatch roof homes. They have numerous children - sometimes 4-10. The conditions are unbelievable. As building takes place, Jesus is shared.

The third team leads the Pastor's Conference. There are 35+ pastors seeking to serve the Savior. Most have no experience. Their doctrine is a mix of the Word and tradition. Teaching basic doctrine is paramount. Also, answering their questions is a challenge. Pray for this team as they develop their leaders.

Thank you for your prayers. It is an honor to serve the Savior with you.

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  1. I'm sitting in my air conditioned house, my feet up, tummy filled and know blessing after blessing yet I know not the full extent of those blessings.... until I am with those that He sends me to be with and share.
    Prayers continue!