Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kenya's New Constitution

You will begin hearing more news about Kenya's new constitution. The vote to accept or reject is early August. I would not be surprised if violence escalates into world news.

So what are the issues? I am not aware of them all but here are the three that I am aware of:
(I do not have the exact wording. This will be a paraphrase.)

1. The new constitution allows abortion by demand. The previous proposed constitution allowed abortion by a healthcare professional (MD) only if the mother's life was in jeopardy. The new constitution would allow any health specialist to preform an abortion if the mother felt her life in danger. Notice the words specialist and danger. Specialist could be any trained person. Danger could be quality of life in danger. Abortion by demand becomes accepted.

2. The new constitution allows a Muslim court system to become established across the country. Nothing more need be said.

3. Gay marriages become constitutionally acceptable. In a country where family is held high and gay relationships are taboo, the new constitution promotes the gay agenda.

There are many other issues but these are the big three. Churches here are rallying to defeat this constitution. Please pray for these church leaders. Many of their lives are in harms way. Please pray for Kenya's leadership, many who are Muslim. Pray for their salvation which can only come through Jesus.

Pray for our national leaders. 10's of millions of our tax dollars are being spent right here in Kenya for this constitution. These types of expenditures can really let us know where our administration stands.

Pray without ceasing!

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